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Audio Visual

Audio Visual


Lights! Camera! Action!

Every conference needs a little pizazz and the right Audio Visual equipment will definitely deliver that.

Visual aids add an element to conferences like no other. Through the combination of crystal clear sound and high definition visuals, you can be assured that your delegates will walk out of your conference more satisfied and informed.

Congress Rental offers its clients an array of Audio Visual equipment to complement their conference needs.

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19StudioRecording_0Public Address Systems

Congress Rental provides both temporary and permanent Public Address (PA) options. Crystal clear sound and area sound penetration is what any public venue or event requires. Congress Rental proudly only uses the best technology from the leaders in the industry.

BOSCH is proud of its track record – more than half a century old – of delivering the best in sound reinforcement and management equipment. Undoubtedly, this experience and expertise has contributed to the development of Bosch’s current approach to PA systems: advanced and modular – yet cost-effective.

Public Address systems may also double up as evacuation systems.

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Lighting sets the mood at any event and can take your event from mediocre to unforgettable. Congress Rental can provide all this and more. Being in the industry for the extent of time that Congress Rental has, we have seen and done everything conceivable. 




INCOSSAI Backstage View SMALLMulti Media Presentations

Laptops / PC setup and running, LCD projectors, front or rear projection screens, laser pointers, TV’s, plasma screens, Internet café…. Congress Rental supplies them all.

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SADC Road 8Video Production

Record, Capture, Edit, Reproduce

Congress Rental’s most recent venture. We offer the full recording and compilation of video footage packages for any conference and event.Video Production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. This can include production of television programstelevision commercialscorporate videos, event videos, wedding videos and special-interest home videos.



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Video Streaming, Filming, Projection and Recording

Watch the speaker live on the big screen.

Superimpose the speakers name and / or other details on the speaker’s image.

Record the proceedings. The audio and video can later be recorded on a DVD / CD, together with the presentations, and other important information pertaining to the conference.