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DCN Multimedia – Taking BOSCH into the future!

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The introduction of the new DCN Multimedia Conference System from BOSCH is a leap forward with regards to all conferencing technology!

This new conferencing system from BOSCH is the 1st IP Based multimedia system in the world!
It delivers information more effectively than ever before! Allowing access to all forms of data easily and ensuring delegates remain engaged with the meeting at all times. The DCN Multimedia is a revolutionary conference solution.

The DCN Multimedia Conference System consists of an interface which integrates audio, video and documents so that all the meeting content is at your fingertips. The touch screen design has a tablet or iPad feel and embodies the Android operating system which numerous individuals are already accustomed to. The screen has a high resolution and cameras can also be integrated into the system, allowing each delegate to view the speaker on their local conference unit. Couple this amazing new feature with the superior BOSCH audio performance one has come to expect, and you left with a truly amazing product.

The delegates are constantly engaged 100% with the conference. They have the capability to see speakers, look through appropriate documents, follow powerpoint presentations and access custom-made conference apps on their individual units. All this added functionality does not come at a cost to the environment or require extended setup times. The DCN Multimedia Conference System is able to connect to any Ethernet system already in place at the venue. This allows for an extremely scalable layout, catering to any size conference or venue. This new system also has minimal impact on the environment as everything can be shared with the delegates electronically, saving printing costs and eliminating paper waste. All the units are equipped with the maximum security against data loss and all audio and control data running on the system is securely encrypted according to internationally recognized standards. Leaving the conference organizer with a peace of mind like never before.

With its trend-setting design and advanced capabilities, the DCN Multimedia Conference System is more than just a new conference system… it is a complete new platform designed to inform, impress and inspire! Congress Rental South Africa looks forward to bringing this amazing new product into the South African conference market!