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Live Streaming at the Vineyard

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The Vineyard Hotel & Spa was full of activity during the first week of September. The Child Safeguarding Conference 2014 was running at this beautiful venue on the 3 – 5 September. Over 200 people gathered to discuss the responsibilities of the organisation to protect children and it was a great success!
The Child Safeguarding conference is a unique opportunity for organisations working in Africa to discuss the measures they take to prevent abuse and the challenges they have in doing so.
Congress Rental was proud to supply the AV, projection, conference and interpretation equipment for this important conference. The conference required 1 plenary room and 7 breakaways with some needing interpretation. The three-day conference included speakers from 10 African countries, Europe, Australia and the United States. It was a meeting of a global proportion!
There was a rich array of sessions over the three days. Through the equipment and services provided by Congress Rental, all were able to access the proceedings in the plenary room LIVE through web streaming on YouTube. This was a huge triumph! The quality and speed of transmission was world class.

A beautiful venue, world-class equipment and great service, what more could a conference delegate need to be able to fully immerse himself or herself in the conference.

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