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Congress Rental South Africa, the exclusive African member of the global Bosch Congress Rental Network (previously Phillips) since 1993. The sole African member of this prestigious international group, which is based on information sharing and instant world-wide assistance.

The Congress Rental Network selects its members on a basis of merit and service quality. Before being accepted into the network, companies have to prove their efficiencies, standards and technical expertise, and an extensive audit is done.

This membership allows us to remain ‘in the know’ of technological advancements and new approaches to benefit our clients.Be it in any country, this network is constantly enhancing its services to provide you with the best possible equipment.

Companies are continuously interacting together to ship, fly and deliver to remote venues around the world to satisfy your demands. You can be assured not only of the facilities but also that the people you are dealing with are committed in their excellence.

Through our alliance with the CRN you are guaranteed a high level of service and state-of –the-art equipment at all times! With the CRN, the world is our oyster filled with conferencing and audio visual opportunities.


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