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DCN Multimedia Conference System


—Unique System Architecture

—Extremely scalable and able to evolve. Complete system solutions through simply integrating compatible products. —High quality digital audio is built around the system

—Hands-on Interactivity

—Touch screen multimedia conference device. Allows the use of custom made or third party apps

—Time Saving Installation

—Operates on standard Ethernet networks – Ideal for pre-wired buildings. Cost effective installation and maintenance

—Peace of Mind

—Maximum security against data loss in the event of a failure. All audio and control data running on the system is encrypted

—Green Thinking

—Minimal impact on environment. Able to remotely switch the system to standby mode. All documents available electronically – Saves print costs & eliminates waste. Multiple sites can connect over the internet to form one big meeting

—Information at your Fingertips

—Integrates audio, video & documents. Familiar touchscreen interface enriches the meeting experience

—Superior Audio Performance

—Completely natural sound with maximum speech intelligibility. Built in two-way loud speaker system

  • DateAugust 11, 2017
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